Smith's 50380 6" Diamond Tri-Hone

Smith's 50380 6" Diamond Tri-Hone
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Coarse diamond stone quickly sets a new sharp cutting edge on very dull or damaged blades;

Fine diamond stone for general purpose sharpening

Natural Arkansas stone for finishing and polishing the cutting edge to razor sharpness

Interrupted surface of diamond stones speed sharpening process

Stone base is labeled for easy stone identification

Handles on end of stone base make stone rotation simple and easy

Non-skid stand with trough in bottom for no mess and easy cleanup

Sharpening guide, honing solution, and care and use instructions included

6" stones allow for use on knives of all sizes

Micro-Tool Sharpening Pad for tips of your knife blade and small cutting tools

Abrasives: Yellow Diamond (325)/ Orange Diamond (750)/ Arkansas Stone (1,000-1,200)